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In this day and age of fad diets and online misinformation it can be hard to know who's advice to follow, what the most effective weight-loss plan is, what may be hindering your progress and what diets or practices may be flat out dangerous.

This is why your entire weight-loss progress is overseen from beginning to end by Dr. Peter Idahosa. A Board Certified Medical Doctor operating out of Calgary MediSpa and Braeside Medical Clinic. Having the knowledge, experience and qualifications that come only with years of study and years of practicing medicine allows him to clear the air of this misinformation, answer all of your questions, and provide the most up to date, safest and effective means of weight-loss.

Having the assistance of an M.D on our team allows us to additionally, if applicable, prescribe medications or supplements that can help you reach your goals sooner that you would not have had access to otherwise.

Some of these medications and supplements are what is referred to as a GLP-1 antagonist. A GLP (Glucagon like peptide) antagonist works to block the GLP-1 receptors in your body. This has two key benefits that will significantly aid weight loss. Firstly, by blocking your GLP receptors you will feel ‘full’ for longer periods of time without having to have food or snacks and therefore you will eat less throughout the day. The second benefit is that it works to limit the number of carbohydrates that are absorbed within your body.  These two impacts will help you throughout your weight loss journey by limiting the foods that you eat, which will work to reduce your overall calorie intake. Whilst at first this may be difficult for you; your body will naturally adapt to these changes with ease and soon you will have a lower drive to eat and snack continuously throughout the day.
Calgary Medispa Can't Weight Physician Assisted Weightloss Program

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    Dr. Peter Idahosa MD, MB BS, ACFP, IAPAM

    Dr. Peter Idahosa obtained his Medical Degree from the prestigious University of Benin in 1996. With more than 15 years experience as a family doctor his dedication for family medicine remains his lifelong passion.

    Peter has been recognized with several distinguished nominations,honours,certificates,accolades and scholarships. He was the President of Alberta International Medical Graduate Association and the only foreign trained physician invited to address Members of Parliament in Ottawa 2011, in regards to making recommendations for foreign trained credential recognition in Canada.

    Dr. Peter Idahosa has his IAPAM (Aesthetic Medicine Symposium with Botulinum Toxin Training) Certification.

    Zoe Idahosa, Office Manager & Certified Laser Technician

    Zoe has been working with Dr. Idahosa since 2015. She is the Office Manager at Calgary Medi Spa as well as a Certified Laser Technician. She continues to stay up to date and attends Annual Conferences on all the new and exciting ways to age gracefully. Zoe is willing to answer any questions regarding our Can't Weight Program and any of our other top of the line aesthetic procedures and share her experience about any of our treatments she herself has received.

    Zoe Idahosa portrait photo
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